assessing your limits

How to be Honest When Assessing Your Limits

In the struggle of dealing with chronic pain, you are always assessing your limits. What you feel like, how to proceed, your capability of performing a task, and on and on.  An individual with chronic pain knows the consequences of overreaching... Read more →
Anti-inflammatory foods

11 Anti Inflammatory Foods You Should Eat

In the fight with chronic pain, we often say that we have tried everything. I recently heard an interview with a health guru who said that most of the people who say they have tried everything have not actually tried to include a regimen of... Read more →
is fibromyalgia worse for women

Is Fibromyalgia Worse for Women?

If you have ever done any research on fibromyalgia, you know how often it’s reported as being diagnosed in women more often than men. In fact, the government reports that 80-90% of fibro patients are women. But that seems to be changing.... Read more →
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