using the mind to treat

Using the Mind to Treat Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is misunderstood by most people, including many people in the medical profession. The causes or roots of this disorder are still not fully understood, and can vary from one person to another. The result of this... Read more →
Fibromyalgia itching

5 Ways to Combat Fibromyalgia Itching

Image: Shutterstock/Africa Studio Fibromyalgia makes it hard to sleep, and makes most days very uncomfortable. Not all patients who have fibromyalgia will experience itching, but many will, and for those people it seems like there is no end... Read more →

A Diet High in Lutein is Good for You

Image: Shutterstock/ VIc29 We’re a long way from the days when most people struggled to get their daily supply of vitamins. These days, there are supplements for every kind of vitamin you can imagine. So, really we’ve reached the... Read more →
different chronic pain

How to Teat Different Types of Chronic Pain

Image: Shutterstock/ Kurhan Not all pain is the same. Just ask anyone who suffers from a chronic pain condition. But even in the broader category of chronic pain, there are several kinds of chronic pain. And treating different chronic pain requires... Read more →
dermatitis herpetiforma

What Causes Dermatitis Herpetiformis?

Image: Shutterstock/Blurryme If you’re like many people today, you might have cut gluten from your diet. Most people seem to do so because they’re worried about the health effects of gluten. The truth is that gluten is harmless for... Read more →
arthritis neck

How to treat Arthritis in the neck

Image: Shutterstock/Lighthunter Arthritis is one of those conditions that can make life unbearable. The constant pain is one thing, but the way it affects the joints makes even the most basic, unavoidable movements agonizing. This is particularly... Read more →
celiac disease

Are Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia Related?

Image: Shutterstock/Baibaz These days, celiac disease is finally getting some of the attention it deserves. People who suffer from it have long known how horrible the symptoms are. But recently more people are switching to a gluten-free diet.... Read more →

Serotonin and Fibromyalgia

Image: Shutterstock/ Roberto Sorin Serotonin is an important chemical that your body produces naturally. It functions as something called a “neurotransmitter.” Essentially, it helps to regulate a lot of the things that your body... Read more →
Lupus Anticogulant

What is a Lupus Anticoagulant?

Image:Shutterstock/Good Mood There are a lot of conditions that mimic the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Anything that causes widespread fatigue and pain falls into this category. And there are certainly a lot of these conditions. But the most common... Read more →
arthritis knee

What Causes Arthritis in the knee?

Image: Midas Anim You don’t have to be a doctor to know that arthritis can make living a normal life difficult. Part of what makes the illness so debilitating is that it affects the joints that are vital to normal movement. And one of... Read more →
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