pain management near me

How do I Find Pain Management Near me?

Image: Shutterstock/ Tashatuvango If you have fibromyalgia, or any chronic pain disease, you might have found yourself asking “how do I find good pain management near me?” Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain that’s often so severe... Read more →
pain clinic near me

How do I Find a Pain Clinic Near me?

Image: Shutterstock/ racorn “How do I find a pain clinic near me?” You’ve probably wondered that if you have fibromyalgia. The condition causes chronic pain and fatigue. And the pain can be severe enough, and constant enough,... Read more →
pain doctor near me

How do I Find a Pain Doctor Near me?

Image: Shutterstock/ wavebreakmedia “How do I find a pain doctor near me?” It’s a question you’ve no doubt found yourself asking if you suffer from fibromyalgia. The condition causes constant pain, and it’s that... Read more →
butrans patch

Can a Butrans Patch Help With Fibromyalgia?

Image: Shutterstock/ Image Point Fr Managing chronic pain has never been easy. And one of the most enduring problems in modern medicine is finding a way to help patients who suffer from chronic pain find a way to live a normal life without being... Read more →
osteopathic medicine

Osteopathic Medicine and Fibromyalgia

Image: Shutterstock/karelnoppe You may not have heard of osteopathic medicine. It’s one of the least known fields of medicine. But the field may actually provide a good model for treating fibromyalgia. Though fibromyalgia is likely a condition... Read more →
thc vs cbd

THC vs CBD: What Works for Fibro Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a complicated disease with many symptoms, and it affects each person differently. Cannabis is also a complicated medicine with different strains and cannabinoid compounds that act on the body in different ways. Saying that weed... Read more →
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