is fibromyalgia worse for women

Is Fibromyalgia Worse for Women?

If you have ever done any research on fibromyalgia, you know how often it’s reported as being diagnosed in women more often than men. In fact, the government reports that 80-90% of fibro patients are women. But that seems to be changing.... Read more →
is chronic fatigue my fault

Is Chronic Fatigue My Fault?

If you are a woman and experience chronic fatigue, either as a syndrome unto itself or in association with your fibromyalgia, you probably blame yourself for your condition, asking, “Is chronic fatigue my fault?” Maybe you think... Read more →
chronic lower back pain

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Image: liza54500 / Shutterstock How did I come to know about chronic lower back pain? Several years ago I participated in an intense strength and conditioning program. The 2.5 years I spent in extreme fitness came to a halt in 2011 when I acquired... Read more →
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