fibromyalgia pain

How to Deal with Fibromyalgia Pain

Image: Shutterstock/ charnsitr The pain of fibromyalgia can ruin your life completely. More than the fatigue or the wide variety of unusual symptoms like tingling limbs and Raynaud’s syndrome, the pain of fibromyalgia is what makes it... Read more →
pain reprocessing therapy

What is Pain Reprocessing Therapy?

Image: Pixabay Often people struggling with chronic pain find themselves bouncing from doctor to doctor. They’re given different treatments like opioids, surgery, or steroid injections. It sometimes seems like everyone has a different... Read more →
inflammatory arthritis

What is Inflammatory Arthritis?

Image: Shutterstock/ ESB Professional You’ve no doubt heard of arthritis. It’s a common condition that affects a lot of people as they get older. In fact, around 350 million people around the world have arthritis. But not all arthritis... Read more →
symptoms of arthritis

Common Symptoms of Arthritis

Shutterstock/ Image Point FR Arthritis is a common disease. It’s estimated that around the world over 350 million people have arthritis. And it becomes even more common the older you get. But even though arthritis is not an unusual disease... Read more →
TENS therapy

How Does TENS Therapy Work?

Image: Shutterstock/ microgen TENS therapy is a pretty common treatment for any condition that causes muscle pain, like fibromyalgia. And if you spend any time reading about these kinds of conditions, or in a physical therapist’s office... Read more →
sjogren's syndrome

Common Sjogren’s Symptoms

Image: Shutterstock/ maroke Sjogren’s syndrome is a painful condition that causes a wide range of symptoms. Many Sjogren’s symptoms can even mimic the symptoms of fibromyalgia. And many are hard to distinguish from the symptoms of... Read more →
dyshidrotic eczema

Dyshidrotic Eczema and Fibromyalgia

Image: Wikimedia Commons Have you ever noticed that you sometimes develop small, red blisters on the bottom of your feet or on your hands? Often, these blisters will itch, and the skin surrounding them can grow tender and painful. If those symptoms... Read more →
adult ADHD

Adult ADHD and Fibromyalgia

Image: Practical Cures/ Flickr ADHD, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, has been on the rise in the past few years. And typically, it’s seen as a condition that affects children. That’s understandable.  Since 1991, diagnosis... Read more →
Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia

Image: Shutterstock/ESB Professional Have you ever heard of peripheral neuropathy? If you don’t deal with chronic pain conditions, odds are good that you haven’t encountered this particular piece of medical jargon. But if you have... Read more →

Rheumatology and Fibromyalgia

Image: Shutterstock/ Image Point Fr If you’ve had fibromyalgia for a while, you’ve no doubt come across the phrase “rheumatology” at some point. But as with so many things in the world of fibromyalgia, you might not have... Read more →
Mental Health

Mental Health and Fibromyalgia

Image: Pxhere Life can be a struggle for anyone. But when you have a chronic illness like fibromyalgia, it can sometimes seem unbearable. And often, managing the mental health aspect of a chronic illness can be just as important as the physical... Read more →
Epstein Barr Virus

Epstein-Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia

Image: Wikimedia Commons It’s estimated that 9 in 10 adults have been infected with Epstein-Barr virus at some point in their lives. For most people, the virus doesn’t cause any serious symptoms. Odds are good that if you were infected... Read more →
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