Is Fibromyalgia Aging You

How Can Fibromyalgia Age You?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that is characterized by widespread pain and tenderness around the body.  Since we first identified fibromyalgia as a real condition in the 1970s, our knowledge of this disease is quite young compared to some... Read more →
Flower Essences and Fibromyalgia

Flower Essences and Fibromyalgia

There are so many alternative therapies out there for people who are dealing with fibromyalgia. Because of that, it’s interesting to check out what some people are doing in order to try and cope with the pain that often comes with this disorder. In... Read more →

Anemia and Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Symptoms are a finicky thing, aren’t they? So many diseases have ones that overlap, so you really have to be mindful of any changes that may go on in your body as time progresses. Exhaustion, which is common in fibromyalgia, is one symptom... Read more →
Bath Recipes for fibromyalgia

Healing Fibromyalgia with a Bath

Fibromyalgia is very frustrating to endure and even more frustrating to treat.  For many days the pain may be so bad that you just want to shut the door to your room and don’t even think about coming out. Nonetheless, life is still very much... Read more →
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