what does fibromyalgia feel like

What Does Fibromyalgia Feel Like?

Image: Flickr What does fibromyalgia feel like? It’s a question you might be asking for a number of reasons. Maybe a loved one has just been diagnosed, and you’re trying to understand a little bit of what their life is like now.... Read more →
widespread joint pain

Living With Widespread Joint Pain

Image: Imani Clovis / Unsplash When someone mentions having widespread joint pain, what do you think of? I usually envision the hands because there are so many joints there. Sometimes the knees come to mind, especially when I see older persons... Read more →
ECT treatment

Is ECT Treatment Safe?

Image: Shutterstock/ sfam_photo ECT treatment has to be one of the most dreaded procedures in the history of medicine. Mention ECT treatment- or as it’s popularly known, “electro-shock therapy”- to someone and it fills their... Read more →

What is Keratosis?

Image: Shutterstock/ lipowski milan You might not have heard the term “keratosis,” but if you’re a little older, there’s a good chance that you’ve had one. A keratosis is a dark, scaly growth on the surface of the... Read more →

Non-allergic Rhinitis and Fibromyalgia

Image:Shutterstock.com/Juta Non-allergic rhinitis and fibromyalgia are diseases that cause very similar symptoms. That means that sufferers have a hard time telling which one they have. But with a little bit of information, you can decide if... Read more →
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