how to explain fibromyalgia to a child

6 Books that Explain Fibromyalgia to Children

Getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions can make your regular daily activities of living very difficult. It can be extra difficult explaining these limitations our loved ones, and even more difficult to explain fibromyalgia... Read more →

20 Best Fibromyalgia Memes

Fibromyalgia memes can be an effective treatment in boosting a fibro patient’s mood. They can be funny, sad, inspiring, and uplifting. Our intentions when creating our collection of fibro memes were to try to capture all the good and... Read more →
lady gaga

Lady Gaga Hospitalized for Fibromyalgia

Lady Gaga was forced to cancel an appearance in Brazil after she was hospitalized due to severe chronic pain brought on by her Fibromyalgia. She announced in a tweet that she was in the hospital. She also has a documentary coming out on Netflix,... Read more →
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