hormone imbalance

Hormone Imbalance in Women

Have you ever noticed how often women’s health issues are directly tied to a hormone imbalance? The list of symptoms associated with it is staggering. It can actually make diagnosis rather difficult because it’s like working with... Read more →
Celebrities with fibromyalgia

6 Celebrities with Fibromyalgia

Image: Wikimedia Commons People with fibromyalgia often feel like they are alone. After all, you never see serious campaigns or concerts to support fibromyalgia research. You never hear celebrities talking about the need for a cure. But the... Read more →
Is fibromyalgia hereditary?

Is fibromyalgia hereditary?

Affecting more than 5 million Americans, fibromyalgia is the most commonly diagnosed chronic pain disorder today. But is fibromyalgia hereditary? Well, that question is more complicated than it may seem. A relatively newly recognized disorder,... Read more →
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