home remedies for fibromyalgia

5 Fibromyalgia Home Remedies to Consider

Image: sarsmis / Shutterstock   Fibromyalgia home remedies are available to try for those who have been diagnosed with this debilitating condition. Your results and the safety of any fibromyalgia home remedies may vary according to your... Read more →
celebrities with a chronic illness

7 Celebrities With a Chronic Illness

  Having a chronic illness like fibromyalgia or diabetes is no fun. You have to manage your medications, work around flare-ups, and make sure you have a support network. Being a wealthy celebrity makes doing this a million times easier,... Read more →
pain management doctors

Fibromyalgia Featured on The Doctors

Here’s a quick 4-minute video segment from the syndicated television show The Doctors on fibromyalgia that may be helpful if you think you have the condition, if you’re having trouble explaining fibromyalgia to your friends and... Read more →

Is Fibromyalgia Genetic?

Image: Shutterstock.com/ hxdbzxy People with fibromyalgia often ask, “Is fibromyalgia genetic?” It’s a hard question to answer, especially when little is known about how fibromyalgia works. But it’s something that could... Read more →
Is fibromyalgia hereditary?

Is Fibromyalgia Hereditary?

Affecting more than 5 million Americans, fibromyalgia is the most commonly diagnosed chronic pain disorder today. But is fibromyalgia hereditary? Well, that question is more complicated than it may seem. A relatively newly recognized disorder,... Read more →
hormone imbalance

Hormone Imbalance in Women

Have you ever noticed how often women’s health issues are directly tied to a hormone imbalance? The list of symptoms associated with it is staggering. It can actually make diagnosis rather difficult because it’s like working with... Read more →
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