Ayurvedic and other alternative treatments for fibromyalgia

Ayurvedic fibromyalgia treatment

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Fibromyalgia sufferers already know that diet can impact the severity of flares. Many have altered what they eat in an effort to control pain levels naturally – but it can get even better if they began taking natural supplements that can suppress pain levels and boost overall health.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine comes from ages-old natural medicinal practices in India. This healing system addresses the whole body when treating a problem, not the singular group of symptoms. Fibromyalgia is characterized by widespread pain in the muscles and joints coupled with overwhelming fatigue. This chronic disorder in so many areas of the body indicates it is a systemic disease, and therefore would benefit from a whole-body approach to treatment.

Enter India’s wise approach to healing. An ayurvedic approach includes stress support, inflammation reduction, joint pain reduction and toxin flushes (built up toxins can cause fatigue, aggravate nerve tissue and lead to tenderness in body areas).

To combat these things, an expert in ayurvedic medicine may suggest the following supplements:

  • Boswella and Curcumin: Boswella is also called Indian frankincense and is used to treat arthritis and sore joints. Boswellic acid is its active ingredient. It inhibits an enzyme that causes inflammation, which will give some pain relief in joints. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines to combat inflammation such as arthritis. Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, also removes free radicals from the body. Both are considered safe herbal remedies and are easily found in capsule form.
  • Aloe Vera Juice: Most people are aware of the health benefits of aloe vera juice and its healing properties. But did you know it will help you flush toxins from your tissues as well? Remember, toxin buildup in tissues causes sore spots. The juice is packed with 20 minerals, including calcium, magnesium and potassium – all important in fighting inflammation. It contains enzymes that break down fat and sugars and also reduce inflammation. Its 20 amino acids are required by our bodies, and the salicylic acid in it also fights inflammation and bacteria. Vitamins? It has B12, A, C, E, folic, choline, B1, B2, B3 and B6. It also is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Garlic: This herb has been used for centuries for colds, inflammation and to stimulate the immune system.
  • Licorice Root: You may be surprised that this herb supports your glandular system.
  • Ginger Tea: Ginger is a great go-to for problems such as sore stomach and minor aches and pains associated with fibromyalgia. It is a good alternative to aspirin.


Non-ayurvedic fibromyalgia treatments

Rheumatologists have suggested that treating fibromyalgia with supplements can be a good idea when the supplements do not interfere with prescribed medications. Before adding any supplement to your fibro treatment regimen consult your doctor. But if you want to add to the list of natural supplements for fibro treatment these might do the trick for you:

  • Vitamin D: Research has shown that aches and pains, even those attributed to fibromyalgia, can be the result of a deficiency of vitamin D. Low levels of this vitamin have also been linked to anxiety and depression, two conditions that can accompany fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • SAMe: this energy-producing compound is manufactured by your body from amino acid methionine and from adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Both are energy-producing compounds found in our cells. SAMe helps to keep our spirits high and positive, and helps maintain cell membranes and assists in regulating the hormones that regulate our moods such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Taking SAMe can result in less stiffness and fewer muscle aches.
  • Melatonin: This naturally occurring hormone helps regulate your sleep. If you have sleep issues resulting from your fibro pain, this is a natural way to try to get back into a healthier sleep pattern, which also can help you with mood and outlook.
  • Magnesium: If you can get your recommended daily value of magnesium (found in green vegetables, whole grains, sunflower seeds, and beans) you may be able to relieve muscle pain.
  • Siberian ginseng: this herb enhances immunity and fights fatigue.
  • John’s Wort: This tea or tincture can be used as a mood booster, but those taking antidepressant medication should avoid it. If you don’t take antidepressants, this pleasing tea can be used in replacement of prescription muscle relaxers, or as a mood booster if you suffer from the blues.
  • Valerian: This dietary supplement will help you regulate sleep patterns. You can also use its oil in massage to relieve pain in tender places.
  • Probiotics: These dietary supplements are made of potentially beneficial bacteria or yeasts that can assist with the proper absorption of food and essential minerals and vitamins. It can help with irritable bowel syndrome, which is commonly found in fibro sufferers.



  • Karen Hughes

    Well no mention of apple cider vinegar or panaway essential oil, peppermint cooling spray, and the combination of lemon water, ginger tea, dark chocolate, apple cider vinegar, water melon, coffee keeps the main issue away migraines,headaches,sinuses,vertigo,tinnitus, ibs, ear infections, kidney infections, calms asthma and nerves,keeping the body unblocked and cleansed is very important and if you think insomnia is helped with just natural remedies no way and that’s just the beginning

  • Karen Hughes

    Alter your food isn’t enough to cover all the symptoms