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How To Comfortably Travel With Fibromyalgia

Image: Maridav/Shutterstock Travel is a necessary part of life in our modern world. Many people enjoy the excitement of getting to see a new place and to experience a change of scenery. Jobs often require occasional or frequent travel as well.... Read more →
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6 Rare symptoms of fibromyalgia

Image: michaeljung/Shutterstock Fibromyalgia can be a weird illness. Your doctor may say that fatigue and pain are the only real symptoms of fibro, but you can’t help but wonder if your latest uncomfortable symptoms can be attributed to your... Read more →
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The connection between fibromyalgia and IBS

Image: pathdoc/Shutterstock Life with fibromyalgia is anything but comfortable, but some of the symptoms that go along with this disorder might seem to be completely unrelated. Even though the primary symptoms of fibromyalgia are all-over body... Read more →
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Into the Fire: Summer Heat with Fibro

Image: Aleksei Potov/Shutterstock To most people, summer is one of the best times of the year. You can go outside in flip-flops instead of snow boots and spend your weekends at cookouts or on a friend’s boat. But when you have fibromyalgia,... Read more →
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Will going vegan provide fibromyalgia relief

Image: Peangdao/Shutterstock It’s safe to say that most fibromyalgia sufferers would love to discover a miracle cure for the illness—or at least something that would provide significant symptom relief. While the medical and scientific communities... Read more →
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Best Exercises for People with Fibromyalgia

Image: goodluz/Shutterstock Regular exercise is important for everyone. There’s a reason it appears in virtually every health-related article you read: it’s the best thing you can do for your health and to prevent disease. However, even... Read more →
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Job Hunting with Fibromyalgia

Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock Working can be difficult enough when you have fibromyalgia. Depending on the nature of your job, it can heap more exhaustion on top of the fatigue that you already experience with your illness. While managing... Read more →

Antidepressants and Fibromyalgia

Image:megaflopp/shutterstock Depression is a common fibromyalgia symptom. But who wouldn’t be depressed by having to deal with many days each month when you’re completely exhausted and in pain? A lot of doctors focus on the depression aspect... Read more →
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Fibromyalgia, Intimacy and Sex

Image:295098473/shutterstock Fibromyalgia affects every aspect of your life. When you’re in chronic pain every day, it can be difficult to get to work, go shopping and spend time with friends. So it’s no surprise that fibro takes a toll... Read more →
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